Mental stress activity

12th Russian-German Conference on biomedical engineering

Suzdal, July 2016. Body reaction on stress and physical activities can show very similar heart rate plots. While physical activities are considered to support healthy life, long-term stress leads to diseases. Currently, it is difficult to differentiate easily and clearly between these two aspects. 


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Daniel Scherz presenting results of his investigation from case applications

We have been confronted with this problem while developing a mobile system for detection and analysis of stress. This paper presents an approach, which uses a long-term monitor with ECG/EKG capabilities and analysis of the heart rate data that is extracted from the device. The focus of the work is to detect characteristics that are useful for differentiation between physical activity and stress.

The proposed approach of this work consists basically of the measurement and the analysis of the data that is measured. The participants will be submitted to an exam with three different stages. At the first stage the data will be recorded while the participant is resting (RS). At the second stage, the participant will have to do some physical activity while the data is recorded (PS). At the third stage, the participant will have to take part in different stress tests (SS).

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