The different kinds of projects (mini and team projects, Bachelor or Master Thesis etc.) are executed in a similar way. This short article should give you a step-by-step guide how your work can be prepared, revised, started and finished. Furthermore, it shows you how is the process of until you submit your work for the final workshop.

1. Preparation phase

Goal: Prepare the start of the project


  • Discuss the topic and the main objective of the project
  • Write a short abstract summarizing the main elements before the next meeting
    • Template of the abstract (max. 1600 words); download see below
      • Title
      • Lecture
      • Names (Mat.No., Study degree (like AIN etc.))
      • Abstract (max. 250 words from the 1600 words)
      • Motivation (300 words +/- 10%)
      • Technology platform and model used (500 words +/- 10%)
      • Objectives/Goals (200 words +/- 10%)
      • Expected results (200 words +/- 10%)
      • Project time plan
  • Identify the main contact person of the team
  • Present the abstract and an discuss it 
  • Write an revised version of the abstract and submit it for further discussion
  • Depending on the result of the review, you start or you go one step back
  • In case of positive evaluation the project will start

2. Execution phase

Goal: Execute the project


  • According to the project plan, the project is executed, changes need to be announced and discussed
  • In case you need access to special equipment (download see below)
  • The contact person of the team reports weekly (depending on the agreed reporting method)
    • In case of Blogs or Emails, the main contact person takes care that the post is submitted on time
  • After 50% of the time has been spent, the project members prepare a status meeting
    • Presentaion of the intermediate results
    • Discussion of the remaining project plan

3. Closing phase

Goal: Submission of the material and presentation of the results 


  • Check your access to the templates that are mandatory ot use
  • According to the general planning frame, all material has to be uploaded one week before the final presentation day or deadline
    • This may include (as fixed during phase 1)
      • Documentation (ask for access to our development environment)
      • Paper (Template will be given)
      • Poster (Template will be given)
      • Presentation slides (Template will be given)
    • Each submission will be a pre-defined format, ensure that you meet the format (like PPT etc.)
  • Workshop
    • Takes place on the last day of the lecture, plan will be announced, everybody must attend
    • Each group has a dedicated time slot, every member will present
    • A small part of the time is dedicated to a demo



Template for abstract (DOC)

Template for temporal use of equipment (DOC, PDF)

Template for the technical paper from IEEE (DOC)

Some general instructions Link1, Link2


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Q: Can I change or modify (slightly) the template?
A: NO! You must use exactly the template as given for the paper

Q: Paper length;
A: Exact 4 pages

Q: Demo length:
A: max 5min

Q: Upload of code;
A: Together with Paper submission/upload

Q: Distribution of presentation time;
A: Equal distribution among group members

Q: Do I have to printout the poster
A: Yes, there is a very cheap possibility at the RZ (ask us before!)