IMS: Software Engineering; 5 ECTS; in English

Intelligent Mobility Systems (IMS former AIT): Automotive Software Engineering; 5 ECTS; in English


The objective of this lecture is

  • to learn UML and to achieve the ability to create UML diagrams
  • dominate basic processes and flows of (automotive) software engineering
  • know and apply agile engineering processes
  • achieve the ability to design requirements analysis with suited methds
  • learn the support processes in automotive SW-Engineering
  • understand the differences between locial and technical level models
  • achieve competence in design of complex software systems
  • Introduction in UML as modelling language
  • Basic modelling diagrams (like class diagram, sequence diagram etc)
  • Advanced UML Diagrams and concepts for complex system modelling
  • Software process models and process activities
  • Agile SW-Design and development
  • Requirements analysis
  • Specific SW-System models in automotive SW-Engineering
  • Architectural design, design styles and reference architectures
  • Logical and technical level models
  • Sepecfific SW process models in automotive design
  • Analysis of logical and technical system architectures and the design of sub-systems
  • Test of software 

Assessment of this course will be based on (i) laboratory execerises and (ii) a written exam.


Wednesday 8:00-11:15, F-110/F-128 and Thursday 14:00-15:30 in F-128; scheduled in summer semester only

Initial session announced at: about two weeks before the lecture period starts.