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Stress visualized with Correlations Plots

Heart Rate Variability indicating Stress Granada, April 2015. Stress is recognized as a factor of predominant disease and in the future the costs for treatment will increase. The presented appro... read more..

Follow the main routes of tourists

The objective of this project is the tracking of tourists with the help of positioning systems like GPS in the area of the Lake Constance, Germany. The tracking can be realized via common Smartphones ... read more..

#GirlsDay@the UC-Lab 2015

The Girls' Day 2015 was prepared with the motto Applied Informatics. The same name like the computer science bachelor degree at HTWG Konstanz. The Girls Team at the Ubiquitous Computing Lab prepared t... read more..

Biovital data analysis

Big data processing based on raw sensor data input April/May 2015. Prof. Dr. Soria Morillo (Universidad de Sevilla) staying at Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory contributed to the lecture ‘Ub... read more..

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