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December 2017

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2018 M. Gaiduk, T. Penzel, J.A. Ortega, R. Seepold, "Automatic Sleep Stages Classification Using Respiratory, Heart Rate and Movement Signals", Physiological Measurement, 39(12):124008, 2018. ... read more..


2020 G. V. Zhikhareva, M. N. Kramm, O. N. Bodin, R. Seepold, N. Martínez Madrid, A. I. Chernikov, Y. A. Kupriyanova, and N. A. Zhuravleva, "Conversion from electrocardiosignals to equivalent electr... read more..


2021 M. Gaiduk, L. Weber, Á. Serrano Alarcón, R. Seepold, N. Martínez Madrid, S. Orcioni, and M. Conti, "Design of a sleep apnoea detection system for a home environment," Procedia Computer Science... read more..


2022 L. Weber, R. Seepold, and N. Martínez Madrid, "Democratizing Digital Health Algorithms: RESTful Machine Learning Web Services," Cham, 2022: Springer International Publishing, in Social Innovat... read more..

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