Ambient Intelligence for Telemedicine and Automotive domains (AITA)

Young researchers and students contributed to the workshop

Seville, 29-30th November 2013. The workshop AITA - Ambient Intelligence for Telemedicine and Automotive domains - aims to discuss leading edge contributions to the interdisciplinary research area of ambient intelligence (AmI) applied to the domains of telemedicine and driving assistance. AmI refers to human centered environments attributed with sensors. The development of AmI in the two application domains of the workshop shares several commonalities: the extensive usage of networked devices and sensors, the design of artificial intelligence algorithms for diagnosis, including recommendation systems and qualitative reasoning or the application of mobile and wireless communication to their distributed systems. Together with the presentation of common aspects of Ambient Intelligence, a further goal of the workshop is to stimulate synergies among both application domains and present examples. The telemedicine domain can benefit from methodologies in designing complex devices, real-time conform system design, audiovisual or computer vision system design used in automotive driving assistance. Furthermore, the automotive domain can benefit from the user-centric view, biometric sensor data design, multi-user data bases for aggregation and diagnosis using big data like used in telemedicine.

The workshop is co-organized by the Ubiquitous Computing Lab of the Department of Computer Science at HTWG Konstanz.

Link to the workshop: AITA 2013 

The German Government supports these research lines in its Hightec-Strategie under the domains “Health and Nutrition” and “Climate and Energy”. In Spain the term “Spanish Program for R&D Challenged Oriented Society – Challenge in energy safe, efficient and clean & Challenge in sustainable transport, smart and integrated” is used.

Scientific contributions to the event are peer-reviewed by a suited program committee having members from Germany and Spain. The same committee is serving the JARCA workshop (Jornadas sobre Sistemas cualitativos y sus Aplicaciones en Diagnosis, Robótica e Inteligencia Ambiental - Conference on Qualitative Systems and their Applications in Diagnoses, Robotics and Ambient Intelligence) since 15 years.

The tracks available on AITA Workshop will include:

  • Ambient Intelligence in Telemedicine (AIT).
  • Ambient Intelligence in Automotive (AIA).
  • Ambient Intelligence in Industry, Marketing, Education (AIIME).
  • Session on studies aimed at training in these areas (Proposals).
  • Poster session.


The workshop is organized by  

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This workshop is registered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) under contract number 57070010 and financed by the Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt, AA) in Germany.

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