Competence centre for market and business processes (KomZet)


KomZet will cover the central aspects to develop the Smart-Home & Living market in Baden-Württemberg for the relevant market partners. It will promote the introduction of Smart-Home & Living solutions in all regions and among the essential target groups. A central obstacle to the spread of Smart Home & Living solutions lies in the lack of knowledge of technical and suitable business models. A platform Smart-o-Mat will be developed that is oriented towards a Wahl-o-Mat concept and it serves as a consulting aid for suppliers and customers. The Smart-O-Mat is intended to present results in a form that is understandable to a user. It will justify the results from a neutral point of view and makes them acceptable in terms of user acceptance. The business model incubator and the Smart-o-Mat provide insights and results that are communicated to all relevant parties via the communication platform. The target groups are both providers and users of Smart Home & Living solutions. These include private individuals, but also institutions active in the field of assisted living or supporting people in need, as well as other users in the commercial sector and potential providers of Smart Home & Living solutions such as craftsmen, planners, architects, and social enterprises.