mBiDA, Mobile Networks for Biometric Data Analysis


Prevention and treatment of common and widespread (chronic) diseases is a challenge in any modern society and vitally important for health maintenance in aging societies. Capturing biometric data is a cornerstone for any analysis and treatment strategy. Latest advances in sensor technology allow accurate data measurement in a non-intrusive way. In many cases, it is necessary to provide online monitoring and real-time data capturing to support patients’ prevention plans or to allow medical professionals to access the current status. Different communication standards are required to push sensor data and to store and analyze them on different (mobile) platforms. The objective of the workshop is to show new and innovative approaches dedicated to biometric data capture and analysis in a non-intrusive way maintaining mobility. Examples can be found in human centered ambient intelligence attributed with sensors or even in methodologies applied in automotive real-time conform mobile system design. The workshop’s main challenge is to focus on approaches promoting non-intrusiveness, reliable prediction algorithms and high user-acceptance.