IMS (AIT): Real-time-operating systems and Ubiquitous Computing; 5 ECTS; in English

Intelligent Mobility Systems (IMS former AIT): Real-time-operating systems and Ubiquitous Computing (from 2021)

Real-time-operating systems and distributed systems (Echtzeitbetriebssysteme und verteilte Systeme); 5 ECTS; in English


The objective of this lecture is understand and dominate the theoretical and practical concepts and methods of real time operating systems and distributed systems.

  • Operating systems elements and process administration
  • Memory management
  • File system and input/output management
  • Synchronisation and deadlocks
  • Parallelism
  • Real time operating systems and concepts
  • Distributed systems
  • Web applications and services
  • Script languages
  • tbd

Assessment of this course will be based on (i) laboratory execerises and (ii) a written exam.

Schedule (tentative)

Friday 8:00-11:15, F-128 and Friday 11:30-13:00 in F-023; scheduled in summer semester only

Initial session announced at: about two weeks before the lecture period starts.