AIN: Bachelor Thesis (Final Project); 12 ECTS; in English

AIN: Bachelor Thesis (Final Project); 12 ECTS; in English


The objective of the Bachelor Thesis is to prepare and implement a work independently managed by the student but supervised by a professor at HTWG (optionally co-supervised by a professor from a partner university or an industrial representative).


 The contents of a Bachelor Thesis is defined by the student under supervision of a professor at HTWG.


Assessment is based on the written Thesis Project.


After prior arrangement; scheduled each semester. Besides for internal students, Final Thesis will be offered to all Internship Students in case the topic is related to the competence domains of the Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory. It is recommended to contact us before an internship takes place; all parts of the Final Thesis can be arranged before the internship will take place at HTWG. In case HTWG students would like to execute a Final Thesis as part of an Internship (like for example ERASMUS+), for the topic and external supervisor, the same rules apply as for incoming students.