Congratulations Dr. Gaiduk


Doctorate completed

Seville, 27-May-2022. We congratulate Maksym Gaiduk on the successful defense of his doctoral thesis at the Universidad de Sevilla. Maksym was awarded the doctorate with honors and he also received the extended degree of the European Doctorate of the University.

Sleep and its peculiarities have been the subject of research at HTWG Konstanz for many years. Maksym Gaiduk has focused his research in the Ubiquitous Computing Lab on the classification of sleep stages with a minimal set of physiological parameters. Through his methodological approach, the number of physiological parameters required for sleep stage classification has been successively reduced to two: Respiratory and Movement signals.

Gaiduk states that “the aim is to support the development of devices for noninvasive measurement of relevant physiological parameters and the use of such systems to detect other sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea.” The systems are intended to be used primarily in patients’ homes as a preventive measure, to relieve the burden on sleep laboratories, and to be useful in the long term.

His doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr. Ralf Seepold explains, “Maksym is one of our pioneers in sleep medicine research at HTWG, who has done a lot of groundwork and shows outstanding research achievements.” Maksym Gaiduk has already received an award for a relevant publication from the University in Seville in 2021, and he has once again underscored that excellent research has its place at HTWG.

Maksym Gaiduk started his career at Reutlingen University, where he obtained a Master in Computer Science. Subsequently, he joined the group of Prof. Dr. Seepold at the HTWG Konstanz, where he supported lectures as his assistant on the one hand and was able to conduct his research in different projects on the other hand. Extensive stays abroad in seven countries and, last but not least, the intensive support of his second PhD supervisor Prof. Dr. Juan Antonio Ortega from Seville rounded off his scientific education. Since 2016, this has resulted in more than 40 publications in which he has contributed as an author or co-author. In the future, he will contribute his expertise to the Carl Zeiss Foundation’s Morpheus project.

Members of the tribunal and supervisors congratulating Maksym Gaiduk.

f.l.t.r. Prof. Dr. Seepold, Prof. Dr. Martínez Álvarez, Prof. Dr. Martínez Madrid, Dr. Gaiduk, Prof. Dr. Gómez López, Prof. Dr. Penzel, Prof. Dr. Angulo Bahón, Prof. Dr. Ortega

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