Subjective sleep quality monitoring (BSc, MSc)

Type: Bachelor Thesis (BSc, MSc)


Objective  / Ziel 

The overall goal of this work is to develop a software system for the subjective sleep quality measurement.


Description / Beschreibung

Sleep study is nowadays an actual research topic worldwide. Although a sleep study itself is a medical matter, hardware and software components are unavoidable for its performing. Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory possesses a wide experience in this area of knowledge. 

The aim of this work is to develop a software system for the subjective sleep quality measurement and general sleep monitoring (e.g. sleep diary). The visualisation of the monitoring results is also a part of a work.

The developed system should contain following modules: 

  • user interface for the entering the sleep relevant data and questionnaires (with the possibility of having several users – every of them should have own login data). It should be possible to enter the data using a PC or a mobile device (Smartphone, Tablet-PC)
  • backend with running algorithms for the evaluation of questionnaires and calculation of sleep quality, sleep efficiency, etc.
  • databank to store the recorded by all users and calculated data
  • administrator interface with the possibility of visualisation of collected data

Detailed work definition will be determined together with the student based on her/his background and experiences. The developed system will be used for the further research work of the laboratory. 


Task / Aufgabe

  • Develop a software system for the collection, storing and processing of sleep relevant data
  • Visualize the collected data and calculated values
  • Ensure secure transferring of the data between different software modules
  • Integrate several questionnaires in your system (e.g. PSQI, sleep diary, STOP-BANG, Epworth sleepiness scale)


Requirements / Voraussetzungen:

Programming skills.



M.Sc. Maksym Gaiduk, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.