Sleep research presentation at German School in Moscow

Sleep research presentation at German School in Moscow

Moscow, March 2019. The German School Moscow is the school of the German Embassy in Moscow. It is the unofficial center of the Germans in the metropolis, especially since many families live on the directly affiliated campus and a community is automatically created. As is customary at German schools abroad, there is a multicultural structure in which most students grow up.

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Prof. Dr. Seepold at German School in Moscow


Many students have already lived or stayed in several countries for a period of several years, only to change again because their parents change their place of work. In the future, a number of pupils will be aiming for a degree and Germany is often at the top of their wish list.

For this reason, up-to-date information about the study landscape and contact with universities is important. Ms. Zwanzig took this opportunity to plan an event to give pupils in grades 10 and 11 an insight into a real lecture and to give them enough time afterwards to start a discussion on subjects and other study-related topics. Prof. Dr. Seepold, who currently lives at the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University in Moscow as part of his research semester, accepted the invitation to present an excerpt of his research as a lecture, but also to answer questions about his studies as a representative of the Faculty of Computer Science for International Relations. The students were already very well prepared for the topic by their teachers, so that the topic "sleep", which is an important research stand of Prof. Seepold, could be discussed with many good questions. There was a lively discussion on the topic of "dreaming". Seepold said that "science is not ready to visualize dreams like in a computer animation". In addition, there were questions about the studies and short personal conversations afterwards. "The good preparation and the high interest of the students attracted me very positively", said Seepold, "since our task is not only to supervise our own students, but also the contact to potential students is important, such events are important". The discussion was continued with some parents in the cafeteria, because the students had to be on time for the exams.

Similar events were held at the German schools in Madrid and Barcelona in the past. We would especially like to thank Mrs. Zwanzig as initiator, the caretakers, photographer Heinrich Immel (10a) as well as Mrs. Ivanova and Mr. Ostrovskij, who actively helped to put the idea into practice.

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