Seminar: Innovation Lab WS15

Master Informatik
(Open for HTWG and University students)
First meeting: Thursday 08 October 2015, at 17:30 in F-128

The seminar will address different up to date topics currently discussed in research. Based on literature and/or literature and demonstrators, Master students will receive material helping to understand the new domain and typical models or systems available this field. After studying the introductory material, the students should be able to understand and summarize the topic. In a second step, the student is asked to develop a new idea based on the knowledge obtained but contributing to a gap that has to be detected. The idea will be presented and discussed before the student is asked to prepare a detailed description of the idea and a suited model to realize it, i.e. contributing to close the gap. Depending on the complexity, a prototype solution can be part of the task. At the end, the work will be presented in two parts: (i) Scientific paper and poster, and (ii) Oral presentation (and demonstration – if possible). The objective of this seminar is to improve the ability working in a new domain based on related work, detect missing parts and develop a new idea how to address this gap. The student may use this seminar to prepare further studies (like a Master Thesis) or a fundament for setting up a business.

Proposed topics (to be extended before the first meeting takes place)

  1. Sleep stage detection with the help of ECG and body area network sensors (a short introduction into the topic can be found in our blog.)
  2. Real time big data grid computing on small hardware (a short introduction into the topic can be found in our blog.)
  3. Brain computer interface using scientific contextual EEG (Emotion detection with the help of a wireless EEG device.)

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