Girls' Day 2016

Informatics on the move! 

Konstanz, April 28, 2016. The Computer Science Department welcomes 18 girls to the Girls' Day event. "Our guests made an effort to participate in the event because a reasonably large number arrived from cities like Salem or Engen, which are close to Konstanz but it takes time to travel to the university.", said Prof. Dr. Seepold. His experienced lab team has build two core task forces with Agnes Klein and Daniel Scherz, and the second, with Raina Bertolini and Patrick Datko. Both teams were supported by highly motivated second semester students: Alisa Mecking, Nathalie Jelitto and Patricia Tautz. 

The Girls' Day team prepared the experiments during the last weeks and in parallel to their regular workload. After the HTWG welcome event, the girls arrived to the Ubiquitous Computing Lab at the Computer Science Department. The short introduction to the study program and a Q&A session was the warm-up to the first lab activity: Implementation of a mobile App for Android phones. The girls started to design the app on the desktop computer with the help of graphical elements. Then the app was downloaded to the phone and they could start it directly on the smartphone. The Girls' Day team decided to use the app inventor from MIT that is really good suited to show the success of the coding work quickly on the mobile phone. Each lab exercise was accompanied by online video tutorials prepared beforehand, so that each girl team may work without permanent support. However, the Girls' Day team was always ready to support our guests ranging from the fifth class until the 10th class.

Sarah Kunkel supported the event providing excellent catering in the morning and the afternoon. Every participant welcomed these breaks, leaving room to relax while intensive design and coding sessions were running. 

After the lunch break and a short visit of our representative library building, the second session started. Now, the girls came in touch with a special gift: the programmable clock, designed with 12 multicolor LEDs and powered by a small micro controller. The team was impressed, how quick they modified the code, in order to design the clock's display according to their personal preference of colours. Modification, download to hardware via USB and re-start of the clock was repeated in a three minutes interval looping. And the best gift 'feature' is that you can take it home! Thank you Girls, our team appreciated to work with you. You are welcome to visit us in the next event or whenever in the future. Enjoy playing and learning with your clock device.



Roadmap presentation for today's lab session.



Coding supported by the App Inventor.



Downloadung the app to the smartphone.



Programming the clock in the lab.


Some videos from the clock. 



More photos from the Girls' Day.

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