Stress visualized with Correlations Plots

Heart Rate Variability indicating Stress

Granada, April 2015. Stress is recognized as a factor of predominant disease and in the future the costs for treatment will increase. The presented approach tries to detect stress in a very basic and easy to implement way, so that the cost for the device and effort to wear it remain low.  


The user should benefit from the fact that the system offers an easy interface reporting the status of his body in real time. In parallel, the system provides interfaces to pass the obtained data forward for further processing and (professional) analyses, in case the user agrees. Prof. Drr. Seepold presented a system is designed to be used in every day’s activities and it is not restricted to laboratory use or environments. The implementation of the enhanced prototype shows that the detecting of stress and the reporting can be managed using corre-lation plots and automatic pattern recognition even on a very light-weighted mi-crocontroller platform. The work has been presented at the International Work-Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering celebrated in Granada, Spain. The topic is under research in cooperation with HTWG Konstanz (W.D. Scherz, R. Seepold), Reutlingen University (N. Martínez Madrid) and University of Seville (J.A. Ortega). 

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