SummerCamp fair presenting semester projects

Team and mini project fair for interested visitors

Constance, July 2014. During the 6th Informatik Summer Camp (July 22-24, 2014), pupils visited the Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory. The main objective of the event is to offer more information about the STEM field (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) but with special focus on Computer Science. Prof. Dr. Seepold welcomed the participants at the lab and he gave a short introduction into the lab activities.

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The smart home with KNX

The Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory is one of the most specialized labs providing educational support for three different degrees: Applied Informatics (AIN), Automotive Information Technology (AIT) and the Master Informatics (MSI). One activity in all degrees mentioned is the programming project as part of a student’s regular study plan. Typically, this activity runs one semester for Bachelor students and two semesters for master students.

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Driving the VCar

The participants of the Summer Camp were invited to attend a fair-like presentation of the students’ work. All results had been achieved in student projects and as part of the regular study plan. Prof. Dr. Seepold said that he would like to show what is a typical programming work and what are the results, a group of students can achieve within their projects. Each team has between three and seven members and the teams are not limited to one degree. When starting with the project, the students are at least in the 5th semester.


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System for alerting and forecasting elder persons with a sensors based architecture

A selection of projects finishing in summer 2014 mounted a small exhibition stand to present the results and to demonstrate the working prototypes. The students and visitors started to discuss about the demonstrators and the techniques used to implement them. ‘We were impressed about the interest of the summer camp participants. The direct communication between our students and the summer camp members is a successful model, we proved already during the Girl’s Day this year.’, said Prof. Dr. Seepold.


IMG 9145

 Gain information about a smart taxi app


The following ubiquitous computing projects have been presented:

  • Vcar demonstrator with Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality Headset connected to OpenDS)
  • KNX demonstrator with a small model of a house
  • KNX app to simulate a switch and to connect via Bluetooth
  • System for alerting and forecasting elder persons with a sensors based architecture  (smart app for Android)
  • Self-build smart phone based on an Arduino Uno
  • Step detection based on Arduino Uno
  • Heart Rate Monitoring with a self-build sensor
  • Friends finder (smartphone app)
  • Taxi-sharing app (smartphone app)


IMG 9140
 The self-made smart phone

The small fair was coordinated and organized by Patrick Datko and Daniel Scherz both Master students at HTWG and members of the laboratory. Special thanks to the students who arranged to show their work while the exam period is still running. We hope that our guests appreciated their short stay at the laboratory and that they gained more insides into modern computer science applications.


Some more impressions:

IMG 9146 2 

 Heart Rate Monitoring with a self-build sensor
IMG 9138
 Advanced discussions
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The queue for the VCar 
20140722 121405
 Automatic tension meatering

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