Workshop / Conference
Date: Wednesday, 15 April 2015 00:00

Venue: Science Faculty of the University of Granada  |  City: Granada, Spain


3rd International Work-Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering

The IWBBIO 2015 (3rd International Work-Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering) seeks to continue the good synergy obtained in the previous edition, providing a discussion forum for scientists, engineers, educators and students about the latest ideas and realizations in the foundations, theory, models and applications for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research encompassing disciplines of computer science, mathematics, statistics, biology, bioinformatics, and biomedicine.

The aims of IWBBIO 2015 is to create a friendly environment that could lead to the establishment or strengthening of scientific collaborations and exchanges among attendees, and therefore, IWBBIO 2015 solicits high-quality original research papers (including significant work-in-progress) on any aspect of Bioinformatics, Biomedicine and Biomedical Engineering.

Special Session: Ambient Intelligence for Bioemotional Computing

Emotions have a strong influence in our vital signs and in our behavior. Systems that take our emotions and vital signs into account can improve our quality of life. The World Health Organization (WHO) characterizes a healthy life first of all with the prevention of diseases and secondly, in the case of the presence of disease, with the ability to adapt and self manage. Smart measurement of vital signs and of behavior can help to prevent diseases or to detect them before they become persistent. These signs are key to obtain individual data relevant to contribute to this understanding of healthy life.

The objective of this session is to present and discuss smart and unobtrusive methods to measure vital signs and capture emotions of the users and methods to process these data to improve their behavior and health.

Prof. Dr. Natividad Martinez
, Internet of Things Laboratory, Reutlingen University (Germany).
Prof. Dr. Juan Antonio Ortega, University of Seville (Spain).
Prof. Dr. Ralf Seepold, Ubiquitous Computing Lab, HTWG Konstanz (Germany).


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Faculty of Science, Centro de Enseñanzas Virtuales, University of Granada-Campus Fuentenueva, 18003 Granada
Granada, Spain


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