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Remarks / Bemerkungen

Seminar: InnovationLab (MSI)



No Offer in this semester

Programming 1 (AIT)

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(only first session)

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(only first session)


Introduction and Lab group assignment/

Einführung und Laborgruppenzuweisung

Programming 1 (Konsolidierung) (AIT)




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Lecturer: Anne Hess

Ubiquitous Computing (AIN)




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Mobile Computing (MSI)




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Lecturer: Emre Yay

Team-/Software/Programming - Projects
Team- / Software- / Programmier-Projekte 
(all Bachelor and Master degrees)




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JARCA 2013

15th International Conference on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Ambient Intelligence

24, 25, 26 y 27 de Junio de 2013

Forum on specification & Design Languages (FDL) is a well established international forum devoted to dissemination of research results, practical experiences and new ideas in the application of specification, design and verification languages to the design, modelling and verification of integrated circuits, complex hardware/software embedded systems, and mixed-technology systems. Modelling and specification concepts push the development of new design and verification methodologies to system level thus providing a means for model-driven design of complex information processing systems in a variety of application domains. One of the principal advantages of FDL is that it brings together four related thematic areas and gives an opportunity to gain up-to-date knowledge in many broad areas of the fast evolving field of system design and verification.

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