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Remarks / Bemerkungen

Seminar: InnovationLab (MSI)



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Programming 1 (AIT)

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Introduction and Lab group assignment/

Einführung und Laborgruppenzuweisung

Programming 1 (Konsolidierung) (AIT)




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Lecturer: Anne Hess

Ubiquitous Computing (AIN)




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Mobile Computing (MSI)




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Lecturer: Emre Yay

Team-/Software/Programming - Projects
Team- / Software- / Programmier-Projekte 
(all Bachelor and Master degrees)




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The 9th International Conference on Intelligent Environments - IE'13

16-19 of July, 2013

Intelligent Environments (IE) refer to physical spaces in which IT and other pervasive computing technology are woven and used to achieve specific goals for the user, the environment or both. IE promote the efficiency of transactions and activities, facilitate presence and participation, improve user experience, protect users and enable better or new lifestyles for people. The 9thInternational Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE'13) will be held at the city of Athens (Greece). IE13 is the ninth edition in a series of highly successful conferences that were previously organized in Colchester (UK), Athens (Greece), Ulm (Germany), Seattle (USA), Barcelona (Spain), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Nottingham (UK), and Guanajuato (Mexico).


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