TING-Net, Networking-structures supporting empowerment in (rural) areas


The TING-Net project proposes the design and development of a center to raise and maintain offers and networking-structures supporting empowerment in (rural) areas. A (local) center will be called TING: It is the interface between a member of a community searching for support and a (service) partner that offers a service fitting to the requirements of a member. The idea of TING-Net is to learn from different implementations in different countries and thus develop a universal but parameterizable core concept. In order to be successful, TING-Net cooperation partners are from very different domains spread over several countries: information and communication, health care, hospitals, legal services, therapeutic services and domestic services. TING-Net will help to provide a more attractive place to live; gather and structure resources and it will create a catalogue containing services for customized use case.