Planets: Platforms for Networked Service Delivery (EUREKA / MEDEA+ A-306)


Currently, high speed asymmetrical Internet access is widely deployed in Europe and world wide. This access type is tailored to Internet browsing and download, a rather passive type of user behaviour. In future, subscribers will become more and more active and will also upload significant amount of data into the Internet. PlaNetS will contribute to the overall goal of eEurope 2005, to provide cost effective broadband access to all European citizens based on a converged network unifying the current heterogeneous networks. On the private network side, PlaNets is developing transmission techniques in the domestic environment in line with the Home Gateway Initiative. Tasks covered are for example, the implementation of a home media server terminal prototype or the employment of the prototype to evaluate new user services enabled by GSB and to evaluate the key technologies and protocols necessary to support the converged network.