ARTEMISA, Architecture for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Ambient Intelligence (TIN2009-14378-C02-02)


The Artemisa project aims to define a software architecture for intelligent and assisted spaces with the target of develop applications and products that improve energy efficiency and promote sustainable development. Based on this architecture solutions will be developed in two areas, where energy efficiency is a priority. On the one hand, the automotive industry focuses much of their efforts in making engines more efficient and safer vehicles. However, his proposals does not seek active collaboration by the driver. In contrast, the subproject Artemisa seeks to offer advice to drivers detecting bad habits and making suggestions for improving them. On the other hand, energy consumption in lighting and refurbishment of the office buildings and homes is higher, so the project Artemisa will seek to reduce consumption in these settings from the analysis and learning the habits of the inhabitants,to automate control of lighting and conditioning in order to minimize consumption.