International Forum on Digital Medicine

International Forum on Digital Medicine

Moscow, April 12, 2019. Opening of theInternational Forum on Digital Medicine.  'The development of telemedicine in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation is the most important element of the strategy of social development', stated Senator Ildus Akhmetzyanov. 

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Prof. Dr. Seepold, Ildus Akhmetzyanov (l.t.r.)


Akhmetzyanov is member of the Federation Council Committee on Agriculture and Food Policy and Environmental Management. He participated in the international Digital Medicine Forum at Sechenov University Congress Hall on April 12th, 2019 in Moscow. A core aspect of this event is the review of international digital technologies that have been successfully implemented in medicine. 

Prof. Dr. Seepold (HTWG Konstanz) has been invited as an international expert to the main plenary session to present examples from Germany. Seepold reported on recent developments in in this field and the driving forces from a Central European perspective. As an example, the IBH AAL Lab Initiative* with the Home Health Living Lab project** has been presented to leading digital medicine specialists and biomedical and information technology market leaders. Prof. Seepold is director of this project that is going to launch the living lab phase this year. “Implementing AAL technology for sleep quality analysis, stress detection and rehabilitation in the Lake Constance Region is the main objective to lower barriers and increase the quality of life”, he underlined as one of the cooperation objectives between partners from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. According to the new research initiative between Russia and Germany in health, he presented one example of cooperation launched for children with autism based in telemedicine.


(*) The IBH AAL Lab Initiative is funded by the EU InterregV-Program "Alpenrhein-Bodensee-Hochrhein" in cooperation with the International Bodenseehochschule (IBH);


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