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Challenges in smart and wearable sensor design for mobile health

Granada, April 2018. The analysis of data streams captured with biomedical sensors can be performed as an embedded procedure within the sensor or sensor network or at a later stage in a receiving system. Currently, several systems reduce the number of signals monitored via sensors (e.g. when using wearable devices) in order to save energy. In this case, the preprocessing task is embedded into the sensor or close to it. As a result, less data is transferred but pattern matching becomes more complex since cross-reference data is missing and computing power is limited. This session presents new and emerging approaches. Prof. Dr. Martïnez Madrid (Reulingen), Prof. Dr. Ortega (Sevilla), Prof. Dr. Seepold (HTWG Konstanz) openeing the scientific session at IWBBIO 2018.

IWBBIO2018 Chairs

Special Session Chairs: Prof. Dr. Martínez Madrid, Prof. Dr. Seepold, Prof. Dr. Ortega  (l.t.r.)

Finally, seven papers qualified for presentation after passing the blind peer-review process. The group from the Ubiquitous Comouting Lab at HTWG Konstanz successfully contributed to three papers. The scientific work is a result of the running cooperation with three well-known research partner institutions: Prof. Dr. Mikhail Kramm form the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Natitonal Research University), Prof. Dr. Simone Orcioni and Prof. Dr. Massimo Conti from the University Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona, Prof. Dr. Juan Antonio Ortega from the University of Seville and Prof. Dr. Thomas Penzel from the Sleep Medicine Center of Charité Hospital in Berlin.

Reconstruction of equivalent electrical sources on heart surface
Mikhail Kramm, Ralf Seepold, Galina Zhikhareva, Oleg Bodin, Anton Chernikov, Jana Kuprijanova and Natalija Zhuravleva

A review of health monitoring systems using sensors on bed or cushion
Simone Orcioni, Massimo Conti, Natividad Martinez Madrid, Maksym Gaiduk and Ralf Seepold

Sensor-mesh-based system with application on sleep study
Maksym Gaiduk, Bruno Vunderl, Ralf Seepold, Juan Antonio Ortega and Thomas Penzel



Maksym Gaiduk presenting the new hardware for the sensor-mesh-based system with application on sleep study


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