BioPD 2016

Workshop on Biomedical Engineering on Portable Devices

Bratislava, September 2016. The cooperation between Slovak University of Technology, Reutlingen Unievrsity and HTWG Konstanz launched the first workshop on Technologies to detect and analyze emotions with the help of sensor networks. Researchers from these three universities and several guests from Bratislava presented research their activities. The objective of this workshop is to setup a research cooperation between the labs headed by Prof. Dr. Fedor Lehocki (Slovak University of Technology), Prof. Dr. Natividad Martínez Madrid (Reutlingen University) and Prof. Dr. Ralf Seepold (HTWG Konstanz). 

There is a significant demand for tools and services supporting rehabilitation, wellbeing and healthy life styles while reducing the level of intrusiveness, increasing real-time available, reliable results and maintaining costs. Self-monitoring applications need to be improved to move beyond tracking exercise habits and capture a more comprehensive digital footprint of human behavior such that emotional states are detected and appropriate recommendations and interventions are deployed to systematically increase the overall personal wellbeing. This is especially important for aging population, as behavioral patterns may have a direct effect on the life expectancy and the cost of care. This workshop focusses on technologies to detect and analyze a person's emotion with the help of a sensor network in order to support diagnostic decisions.

The host of the workshop Prof. Dr. Ing. Fedor Lehocki (Institute of Robotics and Cybernetics (FEEIT) at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU). The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU), the largest and most significant university of technology in the Slovak Republic. In the Academic Ranking of World Universities, the STU has been also estimated as successful, being ranked 101st – 150th by subject fields – Computer Science (2012). International cooperation is a significant area based on interactive contact with educational as well as scientific-research institutions of the countries all over the world. First of all, it is focused on solution of the joint projects within the EU framework and other international programmes, mobility of students, teaching staff and researchers. STU system of education is connected with the prestigious partner universities in the framework of international programmes, especially Erasmus+.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Fedor Lehocki invited us to during the workshop to visit the User Interface laboratory of the Faculty of Informatics. Prof. Ing. Maria Bieliková, dean of the factulty, welcomed the researcher from Reutlingen University and HTWG Konstanz and she presented the new installations setup in two rooms: one for eye tracking exercises and another for application witin a home environment.



Prof. Dr. Ing. Fedor Lehocki during discussion with researchers from HTWG Konstanz


biopd ui lab

In the observation room of the UI Lab at STU in Bratislava
(Prof. Ing. Maria Bieliková, Prof. Dr. Natividad Martínez Madrid, Robert Moro, Danel Scherz, Thomas Walzer, Maksym Gaiduk, Agnes Klein, Prof. Dr. Seepold; l.t.r.)



Highlights of some work presented during the workshop.
IMG 3664
Classification of sleep stages: selection of convenient method (Maksym Gaiduk)


 IMG 3668
Sleep stage classification based on non-invasive recorded bio vital parameters (Agnes Klein, HTWG Konstanz)


 IMG 3677
Detection on physical and mental stress (Wilhelm Daniel Scherz, HTWG Konstanz)


 IMG 3683
 Emotion recognittion in UXI@FIIT (Róbert Móro UXI-Lab, Facultiy of Informatics, STU)


IMG 3733

Artifical Pancreas modelling and simualtion (Prof. Dr. Ing. Ivan Sekai PhD.)


IMG 3670

Sleep apnea discussed from the point of view of orthodontics (Dr. Andrej Thurzo)
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