Differentiate mental and phyiscal activity

ARCA XVIII Conference on Qualitative Systems and Applications in Diagnosis, Robotics and Ambient Intelligence

Almería, June 23, 2016. Health care is becoming an upcoming topic in modern societies, with the basic goal to improve living quality by increasing a personal health state. The presented approach by Wilhelm Daniel Scherz describes an architecture for a mobile system providing a working prototype to capture several parameters relevant to sleep quality measurement.

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Several members of ARCA workshop committee after a discussion working session

Wilhelm Daniel Scherz presented his work on heart rate anaysis to differentiate mental and phyiscal activity

Stress and physical activities are important aspects of life of people. Body reaction on stress and physical activi-ties can be very similar but long-term stress leads to diseases and damages the body. Currently, no method is avail-able to differentiate easily and clearly between these two aspects in a time slot. We have been confronted with this problem while developing a mobile system for detection and analysis of mental stress. This paper presents an approach that uses a long-term monitor with ECG/EKG capabilities and analysis of the heart rate data that is extracted from the device. The focus of the work is to detect characteristics that are useful for differentiation between physical activity and mental stress.

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