25th anniversary HTWG and MPEI

Celebration of cooperation at MPEI in Moscow

Moscow May 31, 2016. HTWG and MPEI celebrated their 25th anniversary in cooperation. An anniversary is the right time to look back what happened in the past: Several exchanges of students and professors have been successfully executed many bilateral visits took place. 

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Prof. Dr. Ralf Seepold (HTWG) and Prof. Dr. Nikolay Rogalev (Rector of MPEI)

Reports on technical flow of information, shared research results, innovation in new developments and prototypes, founding of start-up companies and even some marriages  took place, so all this may fill hours with interesting talks. Two very good examples are Dr. Oleg Luschnikov and Mr. Sergey Bessonov, both former exchange students at the very beginning of the cooperation. Prof. Dr. Michail Tjagunov (also a founder of the cooperation) explained in perfect German some remarkable cornerstones within the cooperation. Also Dr. Luschnikov and Prof. Tjagunov, responded to several technical questions relevant in modern power plant management during the impressive laboratory visits.  Prof. Dr. Schestopalova, chair of the department Hydroenergy and Regenerative Energy Resources, presented several key research results and developments within her group. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Rogalev, Rector of MPEI, underlined the success in cooperation between both universities and also the outstanding long duration of this agreement with benefit on both parts. He mentioned that cooperation requires both an equivalent technical level and personalities matching each other beyond pure technical cooperation. In this cooperation always both parts have been fulfilled. Prof. Dr. Seepold, coordinator at HTWG, replaced Prof. Dr. Manz (Rector of HTWG) in this event and he delivered an official letter from the Rector recognizing the agreement and the partnership. Prof. Dr. Manz visited MPEI last year when MPEI celebrated their 75th anniversary. Furthermore, Prof. Seepold (Computer Science Department) thanked MPEI for their openness, cooperation on technical level and the friendship that for sure matches the above mentioned ‘beyond pure technical’ requirements. The strong interest in this cooperation is very visible, since 15 students from HTWG were guests during the ceremony in Moscow. ‘So, we can talk about a 25 years young cooperation.’, Prof. Dr. Seepold concluded. The students participated in an excursion visiting our partners at MPEI, a high-tech company in Moscow and more partners in St. Petersburg. Even running research work driven by Dr. Alexander Kirjuchin (one of the founders of this agreement from Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) and Daniel Scherz (PhD researcher at Computer Science Department in the UC-Lab) demonstrated active cooperation. After the ceremony, all guests from HTWG visited several lab installations and they discussed several questions with our hosts. We thank all members of MPEI for the preparation of the program and for hosting us, and we hope to welcome our friends in Constance in the near future.

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Some photos taken during the celebration

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