vCar OBD demonstration at Open Campus

Digitalisation in Automotive Environments

Konstanz, June 18, 2016. HTWG Konstanz presented several activities to the interested visitors. The virtual Car environment (vCar) mainly used by the students from Automation Information technology (AIT) was one demonstration from the UC-Lab of the Computer Science Department. Eugen Döhring, Arnold Schwarz, Fuad Mujovic installed the demo. It is part of a project supervised by Daniel Scherz and Prof. Dr. Ralf Seepold for embeddeding an On-Board-Diagnosis (OBD) into the vCar simulator. The project’s objective is to workout the required information and to implement the simulator as a working prototype. The knowledge will be reused in the context of other cars and simulators. The Android App can be customized to other brands of cars.

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The team at the booth

The On-Board-Diagnosis (OBD) Interface supports communication with automotive device control units and extraction of detailed information on the status of a car. Thus, it is possible to detect errors and to determine a faulting device, like for example a sensor. This project integrates the OBD Interface into the virtual Car driving simulator (vCar).

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