Biological data tracing

System for collecting, pre-processing and visualizing of biological data

Nicosia, April, 2016. The result of high levels of stress in modern society is the fact that the amount of people that will face limitations is increasing and this leads to the growth of the treating and healing costs for people suffering from long-term stress. Assuming that many countries have an aging population, stress and the consequences of stress will have a negative influence on the health of people while the total amount of budget spent on the consequences of stress will strongly increase.



The approach presented at MEDICON 2016 focuses on the ECG signals because we would like to examine how accurate stress can be detected when capturing only one bio vital parameter. Of course it is clear that with the help of more parameters, a more precise detection is enabled but this is beyond the scope of this paper. However, the system is open to capture more parameters and it is able to cooperate with other external sensors like smartphone sen- sors. For this first prototype, we used the smartphone as the communication platform providing connectivity because it is not considered as a violation of the mentioned one-parameter measurement; a mobile communication feature can be eas- ily added at a later stage.

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