Wireless long range weather station network

Implementation of a network via XBee

Konstanz, March 24, 2016. In former times the weather was more consistent than in these days. Nowadays it can change quickly from sunny into stormy and vice versa in just a few minutes. Weather conditions are getting more and more extreme. The weather station network is to be used in outdoor areas to receive local weather information within a certain region.


Björn Tribensky presenting his Bachelor Thesis

The weather station network consists of three independent weather stations, whereby only one of them encompasses a main station. The other two stations are connected to the main station via a point-to-multipoint topology. For the implementation an Intel Edison combined with an Intel Edison board for Arduino is used. By means of a XBee to Arduino adapter board the XBee-PRO 868 radio frequency long range transmitter, which is used to create a network, is connected to the Intel Edison board. Each station measures the outdoor temperature and the light intensity. The weather stations collect these data and send it to the main station. Therefrom the data are sent via Global System for Mobile Communications to a web application by transmitting some Hypertext Transfer Protocol requests and responses.


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