Follow the main routes of tourists

The objective of this project is the tracking of tourists with the help of positioning systems like GPS in the area of the Lake Constance, Germany. The tracking can be realized via common Smartphones extended by an App or with dedicated sensors like position loggers. Movement patterns of tourists in the Lake destination are unknown so far. The goal is to track tourists and to visualize movement patterns. These patterns are of high importance for the tourism industry regarding the design of tourism offers and products. The faculty of Computer Science developed a smartphone app that provides access to the GPS component available in nearly all smartphones on the market. This app provides a functionality similar to a GPS-Logger but offers an interface to the user in order to provide a simple setup for personalized use. The app will track the movement of a person and push impersonalized data to a backbone server that stores the movement during a certain period (e.g. one day). Besides this app an alternative is offered in case a person done likes installing an app on the smartphone or in case the person is not using a smartphone. In this case a GPS logger is used, providing a similar functionality than the smartphone app. In the case of the logger, the data can be store on the logger without immediate push to the backbone server, while the app would use an online connection to the server in order to report the movement profile.

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