#GirlsDay@the UC-Lab 2015

The Girls' Day 2015 was prepared with the motto Applied Informatics. The same name like the computer science bachelor degree at HTWG Konstanz. The Girls Team at the Ubiquitous Computing Lab prepared two experiments for the young group of pupils: The self-made piano and the programmable pendant.

 girlsday 2015

At the beginning Prof. Dr. Seepold welcomed the guests at the Computer Science Faculty and he introduced into the domain of modern Informatics and application fields for future jobs. Directly after a question and answer session, the Girls Team opened the hands-on-lab session. Oana-Ramona Velicu designed most of the experiments beforehand and she developed the lab components together with Daniel Scherz and Patrick Datko. Oana planned the layout and the teaching sessions together with her excellent team of active students from HTWG: Raina Bertolini, Sonja Futterknecht and Agnes Klein. This team tutored the guests during all steps so that the first group started to play the piano already much faster than expected. So there was time to even modify the sound and the code. After a short lunch break at the Mensa the afternoon session started with a small surprise not announce before. The girls started to select colors in order to configure their own programmable pendant. With the help of extra handmade supporters, the girls were able to wear the most fashionable pendant ever designed the lab. Last but not least a special thank you to Julia Kinzel for her professional support of the even during the preparation and execution phase. -

Some impressions from the Girls' Day in 2015:


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