Prof. Dr. Soria Morillo discussing with researchers

Scienfic advancements in biovital data capturing

Prof. Dr. Soria Morillo (Universidad de Sevilla) visited the Ubiquitous Computing Laboratory to present his recent developments in biovital data capturing. In one of his main research areas, which is captuiring the Electroencephalography (EEG), he presented the technique of measurement and processing data with a specific sensor. The realtime analysis of the traced data supports a prediction of the behaviour. "With the help of this system, we can forecast that a driver will press the break even before he started to do so.", says Prof. Soria Morillo. Several scenarios like a driver assitance system can benefit from this development but there are also applications beyond automotive systems. In a special session the status of research with respect to biovital signal capturing and processing in both groups have been discussed. Finally, possible cooperations have been identified which are beyond the running cooperation of both groups. 

 soria morillo

Meeting at the UC-Lab at HTWG Konstanz
(P. Datko, L. Soria Morillo, O. Velicu, R. Seepold, D. Scherz)

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