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This blog is about the implementation of an application for Apple's iOS platform, which can handle repeating tasks better than the currently available alternatives on the market. The members of the team are Robin Stegk and Agnes Klein.

Project description:

Repeat is supposed to be an app, which can help to manage repeating but flexible tasks. Most calendars and to-do apps let you set a timespan after which a task or date should recur. The problem with them is, that they are fix and not flexible. If you have for example the task to buy medicine for your cat which it should be given to every 10 - 14 weeks and you set your task to repeat every 12 weeks. If you now manage to stretch the time every time to 14 weeks, the date is set nevertheless to repeat every 12 weeks. Which means that the next reminder comes after just 10 weeks and the one after that only after 8 weeks, which would be too soon. 

Repeat jumps in here and fixes this problem by setting the next date only after the task has been marked as completed.Furthermore Repeat will check the location. This makes it possible to only notify the user about a task when it makes sense because he is at the location where he can actually complete the task. Also it enables Repeat to remind the user if he comes by a location where he could complete a task even if it is not exactly at 12 weeks - to refer back at the medicine example - but at 10 weeks. So it enables the user a way more flexibility than the current available solutions known to us.

Project time plan:

  • 3 weeks Architecture and design of the app. Also learning how to program iOS and swift.
  • 2 weeks Programing of the business logic and database.
  • 2 weeks Programming of the user interface.
  • 1 weeks Test and some buffer 
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Monday, 24 September 2018

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