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Hi everyone!

This is my first post in the UC-Lab Blog and first of all we have to present ourselves. We are part of the Department of Computer Science (Ubiquitous Computing) at the University of Applied Sciences Hochschule Konstanz (HTWG) in Germany. Here our location in Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/UpJnL .

Our research fields are mobile sensors, intelligent environments and several other topics. We work on different projects but we always try to create innovative concepts that can be useful for the society.

Our international team consists of researchers and students (http://uc-lab.in.htwg-konstanz.de/team) and the professor. To present everyone shortly, Dr. Prof. Seepold is the mastermind of the team, Patrick is our Android guru, Oana is an exchange student from the mysterious Romania, Mario is our secret agent who was sent to Seville as a Bachelor exchange student to provide us with the latest developments of Spanish science. My name is Daniel and I stress people to research biological sensors.

Why do we write a blog? It’s pretty simple: we are extremely excited about what we are doing and we want to share the knowledge and the experience that we get while working on our projects. We are planning to post at least once a week (most probably every Monday). Of course, we will try not to be boring ;).

A little teaser: in the next post we are going to write about the Intel Galileo gen 2. As a small preview we are going to share already now the first version of some 3D models for Intel Galileo gen 2 case.


P.S. While printing the cases please don't forget to turn them so that they fit your 3D printer


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