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Project description:

In this project, we will connect a hardware dashboard to the driver simulator OpenDS 3.0. The interface between the simulator and the speedometer will be realized by an Arduino uno board. (To convert the data from the simulator, we will implement a Java API to send the data to the Arduino board) (optional). This board will send the data to the speedometer and additionally send them to the Android app. The interface between the Arduino and the speedometer will be a CAN-Bus. The app will retrieve the data via Bluetooth and analyze the data to display statistics over the last driving session.


1. Configure OpenDS3.0


Download OpenDS3.0 from the official website. To download the driving simulator you need an account and you must be logged in.




The driving simulator OpenDS3.0 requires the Java Runtime Enviroment Version 1.7. You can display the current installed JRE in your terminal. Just type: java -version.

The following output should display in the terminal.


Is there a versions mismatch or the command doesn’t work, you need to install the newest Java JRE.

First steps with OpenDS 3.0:

Initial you need to extract the downloaded file „“. Open a terminal and switch to the extracted folder.

Just type: java -jar OpenDS.jar


The driving simulator should now start correctly.

2. Importing the sources in eclipse

To do this step it’s recommend to use the newest version of eclipse. To import the sources just press on „File/Import.../General/Existing Projects into Workspace“. The path of the root directory is the path to the extracted files. Click on „Finish“ and the importing should start.


3. The simulator out of eclipse

To run the driving simulator out of eclipse, you need to collapse the packet „eu.opends.main“. Then click on the file („“) and choose „RunAs“ an application.




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Monday, 24 September 2018

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