To realize this work, the following devices and technologies were provide by Bernot IT Company and they were used according to the following architecture showed in the figure 1.

  • A Smart phone with the „Android“ Operating System
  • An eBike for Practical testing
  • The M3 Server/Client System
  • A Bluetooth sensor device to measure the heart biker’s heart rate

ebike 1

 Figure 1: eBike+ architecture

The application fulfills the following functional properties:

  • Indicators: speed meter, mileage, mileage of the current course and/or day, travel time, height meter, heart meter, battery gauge of the eBike
  • Route management: length of course, time of arrival, remaining time to destiny, read/write routes out of/into a database
  • Functions: GPS tracking, MP3 player, geo-referential picture documentation, location based media, un/locking of the eBike, LED-control, heart rate monitor

Some captures of the application are shown in Fig 2:

ebike 2

Figure 2: eBike+ android interface




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